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Our Team

Sirj Goswami

CEO & Co-founder

PhD from the department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences at UCSF, with a research focus in genomics, pharmacokinetics and pharmacometrics. Sirj was a Discovery Fellow at UCSF with 4+ years of industry experience at Genentech and Pfizer. His passion lies in bringing genomics and advanced analytics to the forefront of healthcare. Read more about his work at

Ron Keizer

CSO & Co-founder

PharmD, PhD with over 30+ publications in clinical pharmacology. Ron is also a software engineer and has developed software for applied modeling & simulation used by >50 pharmaceutical companies and the FDA. After various research positions at leading universities, Ron is now our Chief Scientific Officer.

Ranvir Mangat

COO & Co-founder

Bioengineer with 5+ years of experience as a pharmacometrics researcher at Genentech leading PK/PD analytics for various drug candidates in early and late stage clinical trials. Ranvir's interests lie in applying advanced data analytics and software solutions to improve the effectiveness and management of drug treatments.

Dunnie Norman

SVP Sales

Dunnie delivers 20+ years of business strategy and commercialization expertise with software as a service (SaaS) platforms for health systems, employers, payers, and ambulatory provider organizations. He is a member of the Board of Advisors for Maxxsure and MyndVR. Most recently, he led Vivify Health through a period of rapid growth as senior vice president of sales and marketing.

Alan Potosnak

Director of Engineering

Distributed systems architect with 20+ years industry experience, Alan, a former VP at Morgan Stanley, is a startup veteran who has held integral engineering roles across fintech, consumer internet/mobile and digital health and enjoys building technologies that are grounded in improving the lives of others. Alan holds an MSc in software engineering from the University of Southampton where he focused on the development of knowledge-intensive applications.

Jon Faldasz

Head of Clinical Applications

PharmD, BCPS with residency training at Rady Children’s Hospital (Pediatrics) and UC San Diego (Infectious Disease). Jon brings close to ten years of experience as a Clinical Pharmacy Specialist at UCSF and other adult and children’s hospitals, along with expertise in clinical application of pharmacokinetics and in educating healthcare professionals.

Andro Hsu

Director of Marketing

As a scientist turned product marketer, Andro brings 12 years of experience at startups in precision medicine, health information technology, and the life sciences. After completing a PhD in molecular biology at UC Berkeley, Andro was at 23andMe, Syapse, and GRAIL, helping transform technological innovation from concept to novel commercial product.

Marc Meyer

Senior QA Engineer

Marc brings over two decades of experience testing software and improving quality at a variety of companies, from start-ups to multi-nationals. He's a strong advocate for agile methodology and improving the experience of software users. He enjoys challenging friends in games of strategy and working with rescue dogs.

Renée Gallison

Senior Software Engineer

With BAs in Mathematics and Computer Science from Mills College, Renée has 6+ years of experience building modern web applications, from top to bottom, for numerous startups and companies in industries such as health/wellness, real estate, and marketing. She is passionate about building technology that helps make the world a better place and excited to leverage her skills to improve healthcare and patient dosing.

Vanessa Burns


Vanessa is bringing her multifaceted background in scientific research, entrepreneurship, and product management to InsightRX. Prior to joining, Vanessa received her PhD from Stanford University, where her research focused on the neural mechanisms underlying disease states, particularly depression. She also founded a startup which aimed to help people re-align their circadian rhythms during sleep.

Jasmine Hughes

Data Scientist

Jasmine is a data scientist at InsightRX with a focus on pharmacometric modeling and simulation, as well as analysis of treatment progression and performance on patient populations. Jasmine received her PhD from UC Berkeley and UCSF in Bioengineering, where she applied next generation sequencing to understand the progression of brain cancer.

Matt Polland

Software Engineer

Matt is joining as an experienced developer with a background in physics and healthcare. Prior to joining InsightRX, Matt was a software engineer and an integral member of the teams at consumer and healthcare companies. He is passionate about leveraging his deep expertise in full-stack development in the growing fields of healthcare and precision medicine.

Tedmund Chua

Software Engineer

Tedmund joined InsightRX after an undergraduate career in healthcare research and analytics. He has managed business development at the TMCx accelerator, and is now building new features in our precision medicine and analytics platform. He is fascinated of the role that artificial intelligence will play in shaping the future of healthcare.

Dominic Tong

Data Scientist

Dominic is a data scientist at InsightRX, focusing on developing and improving pharmacometric models to better serve all patients. Dominic received his PhD from UC Berkeley and UCSF in Bioengineering, where he studied how to optimize genetic association study design to detect rare genetic variants underlying complex phenotypes like asthma and type 2 diabetes.

Our Advisors

Michael Rybak, MPH, PharmD, PhD

Professor of Pharmacy & Medicine, Wayne State University

Dr. Rybak is an experienced Professor Of Pharmacy and Medicine with an extensive history of working in higher education with a focus in antimicrobial pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) and the assessment of infectious disease health outcomes.

Rada Savic, PhD

Associate Professor in Pharmacometrics, UCSF

Dr. Savic's research uses computational methods to study the dynamic interplay between disease progression, drug and biomarker response across relevant scales (molecule, cell, tissue, organ & whole body) in order to determine causal links underlying variability in (safety and efficacy) clinical outcomes. Her goal is to determine the optimal dosage, timing, and duration of therapeutic regimens and ultimately develop precise, personalized treatments.

Janel Boyle, PharmD, PhD

Associate Professor and Clinical Pharmacologist, UCSF

Dr. Boyle is a translational scientist with research interests that include pediatric cancer therapeutics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, pharmacogenomics, and clinical trial design. The majority of her research resides within the complex setting of hematopoietic cell transplantation (HCT) and is focused around chemotherapeutic and immunosuppressive agents used in the preparative regimens of pediatric HCT. Specifically, Dr. Boyle studies how covariates such as age, renal function, or genetic variants involved in drug metabolism or distribution may influence drug clearance in the pediatric HCT population.

Our Investors