All patients are unique. Let's work together to treat them that way.

How InsightRX works.

InsightRX leverages patient-specific data, PK/PD models, and bayesian forecasting to understand each patient’s unique pharmacological profile.

Feature rich and easy to use.

InsightRX makes PK/PD-guided dosing intuitive for all, providing practitioners of all levels with the tools they need to accurately dose the most challenging patients.
Custom Dose Functionality
  • Tailor the regimen to each patient with customized dosing.
  • Assess and adjust dosing regimen based on patient-specific PK.
  • Review patient-specific exposure metrics (e.g. Ctrough, Cmax, AUC).
Parameters & Predictions
  • Evaluate patient-specific PK parameters.
  • Simulate and visualize concentration-versus-time plots over the course of therapy.
  • Assess PK model fit information.
Enhanced Clinical Workflow
  • Track drug administration history and drug concentration samples.
  • Print or save PDF reports of dose assessments.
  • Easily share patients and record notes to coordinate care with clinical teams.
  • Remove burden of manual data entry by integrating with your EHR.

Clinical Analytics

Ensure your clinical and operational targets are being met across drugs, populations, and patient subgroups.
Measure performance
  • Key reports include: % of patients achieving therapeutic range, time to therapeutic range, and time within therapeutic range.
  • Discover hospital, team, and physician insights to continually improve patient care and outcomes.
  • Analysis can help identify further opportunities to reduce adverse events and costs.
  • Track dosing practices across your institution to ensure high standards and consistency.

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