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Does Healthcare Need Its Own OS?

Authors: Sirj Goswami, Ashok Krishnamurthi, Daanish Jamal

The healthcare industry stands to benefit from the recent technological advances in processing Big Data. However, information sources exist in silos, limiting our ability to solve healthcare’s most complex problems. We expect that the breakdown of these data barriers, coupled with the impact of machine learning and AI, will form the basis of what will serve as a ‘healthcare OS’, in which the unification of disparate data sources will power applications that will reduce the gap between healthcare costs and patient outcomes. The scope of this article will be limited to two key elements of a ‘healthcare OS’ - breaking down data barriers and applying machine learning and AI, other potential building blocks such as security and data privacy are not addressed.

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Investing in the Future of Healthcare with OSF Healthcare

According to Jerry Storm, Senior Vice President of Pharmacy Services at OSF, “InsightRX will allow pharmacists to efficiently and safely dose patients prescribed high-risk drugs, leading to shortened hospitalizations stays and improved outcomes.”

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InsightRX selected to join PULSE@MassChallenge 2018 Program


InsightRX was recently selected to join the PULSE@MassChallenge 2018 Program cohort, where we will be working closely with Philips Healthcare and Shire to accelerate the growth of our company and further our mission to bring precision medicine to the forefront of healthcare.

“Launched as a strategic component of Mass Digital Health and fueled by public-private partnerships, PULSE@MassChallenge accelerates the impact of digital health startups around the world. Through rigorous matchmaking, PULSE@ MassChallenge’s second cohort was selected by an impressive pool of institutions, providers, and payors looking to form unique partnerships with digital health startups. These Champions will support entrepreneurs throughout the program by facilitating key advisor introductions, pilots, research, and even investment opportunities.”

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Why caring about the user is as important as caring for the patient

Author: Sirj Goswami & Gitta Salomon

Historically, the healthcare system has suffered from poor UI/UX design. In comparison to other industries (e.g., manufacturing, finance, retail, information and communication technology), ease of use and integration with typical user workflows has taken a back seat to implementation of raw functionality.

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Kasparov's Law

Author: Ron Keizer

At InsightRX we are trying to improve the practice of medicine with computational solutions. As a team of scientists and engineers we are obviously very excited about the huge leaps forward in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) seen in the last decade. We obviously want to apply such solutions wherever possible in the precision medicine tools we are building.

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A Learning Health System Paves the Way For Precision Medicine

Author: Sirj Goswami

Drugs and medical treatments are typically designed for the “average patient.” Individual patient variability is usually not taken into account, sometimes leading to undesirable clinical outcomes for patients. The goal of precision medicine is to address this unmet medical need by finding the right medication and the right dose for each patient every time. Precision medicine takes into account individual variability when optimizing a patient’s treatment strategy.

The primary goal of precision medicine has not yet been realized. We are still unable to effectively predict treatment regimens that will maximize treatment benefit in different patient populations.

For example, an underweight neonate with poor kidney function does not fall into the spectrum of what is clinically defined as "average", and simply accounting for simple demographic characteristics such as the patient's age and body weight may lead to suboptimal outcomes.

A data-driven framework that creates a mechanism to continuously improve and tailor treatment strategies in real time may be the catalyst to address this knowledge gap and bring precision medicine to the forefront of healthcare....

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Overcoming Adption Barriers of Cloud-based Precision Dosing in Healthcare

Author: Sirj Goswami

Recently I gave a talk about adoption barriers of precision dosing software — such as the InsightRX platform — in healthcare. In the talk, I highlight several of the barriers that we have encountered in integrating our platform with several US hospitals. I also give some directions for future opportunities in this space. I've posted the slides for my presentation on our science blog.

On my personal website you will also find a short article detailing some of my thoughts on the issue.


Model-based TDM in Oncology

Author: Ron Keizer

I recently gave a talk at the 2nd International Workshop on Clinical Pharmacology of Anticancer Drugs in Madrid on the topic of Model-based TDM (Therapeutic Drug Monitoring) in Oncology.

In the talk I provided some background on model-based dosing in general, and presented some specific case studies in oncology (mainly around imatinib and busulfan). I also pointed at some future opportunities in model-informed precision dosing in oncology.

The slides of this talk are provided here, or visit to learn more of the science behind the InsightRX platform.


Stanford Children's CMIO Talks Home-grown Clinical Decision Support

"Our hospital is located in Silicon Valley, which is a very fortunate position to be in. As part of the Stanford University campus, we have the opportunity to partner with both students in the biomedical informatic program, computer science programs, as well as multiple local startups."

"Another type of advanced clinical decision support tool, again [one that's] web-based, and EHR-integrated, is a product that we have been collaborating on with a small startup company called InsightRX."

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